Miracle Slim Plum 30 pieces

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Miracle Slim Plum 30 pieces

1. Moderates appetite,absorbs moisture and softens the stool.
2. Support gastrointestinal peristalsis and excretion.
3. Delicious, taste like plum

Who needs Miracle Slim Plum dietary supplement?
1. People prone to occasional constipation
2. People wiht occasional hemorrhoids.
3. People that are diet conscious

Caution: See a physician or health practitioner if any of thes conditions continue beyond 1-2 days.

Direction: Depending on the individual, one or two Miracle Slim Plum packets per day following a meal with 300ml of cold water or juice.

Description: Miracle Slim Plum is an all nature product made of herbs and lactobacillus, bifidobacterium for healthy digestion.

It is not a Laxative: Miracle Slim Plum contains no laxatives, which weaken the user with numerius bathroom visits. Our product softens the stool, assists in weight and fat loss and supports healthy metabolism.

Warning: Not recommend for children (under 12) or pregnant or nursing women, or those with digestive ulcers. Consult a physician or health practitioner if you ar euncertain or are taking any prescription drugs.

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